A Few Tips for Successful Flea Market Shopping

Shopping for a rare item at a flea market is a very enjoyable and fun activity. The popularity of markets has skyrocketed in the last few decades. These venues are now the places to visit for large numbers of people to find something unique. For those who are new to this activity, there are a few pointers to help make their experience more enjoyable.

Some Helpful Tips

It is suggested you go early to get the best selection of items. Stopping by again right before closing is also a great time to find discounts and deals. Also try to get a map or directory of the layout so you can plan the most efficient way to hit all your desired shops. You do not want to be re-tracing your steps and wasting too much time.

Since not all markets accept debit or credit cards, or have access to an ATM, it is highly recommended you bring cash. Some venues do take credit cards, but there is no sense in taking any chances. Also remember you may do quite a bit of walking so be sure to wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Try to dress in comfortable clothing that will allow you to move around easily for a long while.

If you are not really serious about purchasing a certain item, do not haggle about it with the seller. When you do uncover something you truly want to have, a vendor may just assume you are actually not that interested and may wish to sell to another patron.

Never walk away from something you think is a terrific deal or bargain. There is a good chance other shoppers will feel the same way. This item may be nowhere to be found if you come back an hour later.  Also, do not ignore a sturdy, economical item just because it may need a little work. A quick fix at home can make it worth your effort.

In the Chicago area, the best place to find great deals on rare and unique treasures is at Five Star Swap Mart. Located at 270 W N Avenue is Villa Park, this gem is filled with a huge variety of items for sale. Five Star is an indoor facility, meaning the weather is always perfect for finding that terrific bargain! Take a trip there with the family today to find some great deals!

Have a Fun Summer Outing at Five Star Swap Mart!

Now that most kids are out of school for the summer, many parents are looking for ideas for family outings. Some people enjoy taking long and luxurious vacations, while others prefer to stay closer to home. For many, remaining near home can save a lot of money and also avoid the hassles of traveling. For those who wish to stay in the area, a great day trip idea is to spend the day at Five Star Indoor Swap Mart.

There Activities for the Entire Family!

Located in Villa Park, the mart is easy to get to from anywhere in the Chicago suburban area. What is truly great about the swap mart is the number of options it gives a family to do! First and foremost, keep in mind Five Star is much more than a swap mart. In addition to shopping and finding many rare and unique items, there are also many other events and activities to partake of.

Five Star is always bustling with entertainment, from live bands to a magic show. Spend some time relaxing at the lounge or get a bite to eat at one of their terrific eateries. Check the website to see what movies are playing. Live shows such as a circus or seasonal parties and celebrations can be found year-round. Celebrate Father’s Day or the 4th of July at 5 Star!

Other fun activities such as having your picture taken in a photo booth, attending a special sidewalk sale or even getting your hair cut can be found here. As you can see, there is something for every member of the family at Five Star.  A day at 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart is so much more than a shopping trip. It is a place to spend the entire day with your family. So the next time you are searching for something new to do head to 5 Star. The mart is conveniently located right off of I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website.

Indoor Flea Markets in Oak Park

Five Star Swap Mart – a large and convenient venue for family fun as well as shopping – has been prominent in the Oak Park metro area for over fifteen years. Five Star is a large part of the Oak Park  community. They realize the importance of finding great deals and providing a local venue for the entire family to enjoy a day of fun.

A Great Destination in Oak Park for Family Fun!

Whether you are searching for terrific bargains or a rare treasure, Five Star is your destination in Oak Park and the surrounding area. A movie theater, restaurants and other amenities are here for your enjoyment. You can take in some entertainment such as a magic show, live music or DJ. You can even get a haircut if you like! In short, Five Star Swap Mart is a terrific place to experience. And because the mart is indoors, weather is never a factor.

Its doors are open to the public Monday through Friday from 12 Noon until 7pm, except for Tuesday when the mart is closed. Weekend hours on both Saturday and Sunday are from 10am-6pm. Five Star is conveniently located at 270 W. North Avenue in Villa Park, just 5 minutes West of Route 83 South, off of I-290.

Here are some comments from satisfied guests:

Loved it got everything I needed for my daughter’s birthday candy wise. Really good prices. – A.M.

You’ll find just about anything and everything here! My nieces and nephews love the entertainment, the movies, face painting, the clowns, magician, the kids raffle, that they have. Merchants are friendly. – Russ E.

Great place for deals and typical flea market stuff I was able to get my broken watch fixed for less than $10. – Daniel T.

Always a great afternoon with Circus Boy entertainment for everyone! – Doreen L.

I love 5 Star Swap Mart. Yesterday I found new product there that I actually purchased for early holiday gifts. It is a wonderful Multicultural experience since the stores seem to have products from around the world. – Jackie D.

Give Five Star a call today at 630-835-2800 with any questions.

Spend Part of Your Holiday Season at 5 Star!

With the end of the year quickly approaching, people will soon be thinking of the holiday season. For many, this is a very busy time with many obligations and places to go. It is also a great opportunity to let go of stress and celebrate with friends and family. In the Chicago area, there are literally hundreds of places to go and events to attend. There is never a lack of ways to commemorate the end of the year.

Try a New Type of Venue for Holiday Parties

Parties are a frequent happening, whether with family, friends or with colleagues. The typical venue for these type of events is a restaurant, someone’s home or even the office. However, if you want another way to soak up the spirit of the holidays, how about trying something different? It is fun to think outside the box and have an enjoyable experience at a different kind of venue. A perfect place to do this is at Five Star Indoor Swap Mart in Villa Park.

Five Star has been open hosting holiday events for years. Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are a regular part of the holiday schedule. They offer fun for the entire family with contests, games, crafts, music and other entertainment. You can also count on festive decorations, delicious food, great bargains and a very cheerful atmosphere. And since Five Star is a swap mart, you can also complete some of your shopping for the season.

Five Star is a unique and exciting place to enjoy a day out any time of the year. This is especially true during the holiday season.  It is a wonderful alternative to the typical holiday settings. Try something a little different this year and spend some time with family and friends at Five Star. The mart is conveniently located right off I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website for a one of a kind holiday experience.

A Brief History About Flea Markets

Flea markets are an extremely popular place to browse and purchase items in the US. They can be found in every state, in major cities as well as small towns. Many markets boast their own special aura and unique atmosphere. A day at a flea market can be quite a fun-filled experience. With all this in mind, it is interesting to delve into the origin of this shopping alternative.

History Goes Back to the 1800s

It has been assumed the flea market concept began somewhere in the 1800’s. Some say the first time the term “Flea Market” was used was about a site in Paris around 1860.  The term “Flea Market” is translated from the French marche aux puces, which literally means “outdoor bazaar”.  Apparently, sales of goods out of doors was very commonplace in France during the nineteenth century.

An American Tradition

The first American flea market is thought to have opened for business sometime around 1873. Although the exact location is unknown, it is widely assumed it was somewhere in Texas. The concept caught on like wildfire and today it is estimated there are 5,000 flea markets in the United States.  These venues serve over one million vendors and 100 million shoppers each year.

The flea market is perhaps the purest form of small or medium commerce in America. Vendors without large inventories can amass a collection of items and display them for purchase. Sellers are always looking for improved merchandise and a more efficient way to sell. This also benefits shoppers since they will often have exposure to newer and better products.

In the Chicago suburb of Villa Park, an outstanding place to sell or buy is at 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart . This venue is always busy, filled with people looking for the very best deals. The mart is conveniently located right off I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website.

Why You Should Sell at Flea Markets

Are you a vendor of unique or popular goods? Are you considering different ways to put your items up for sale? These days you have many choices. Of course, one option is to offer your product on hundreds of different websites. Social media has completely altered the ways of marketing. But if you prefer face to face contact with the consumer, selling at flea markets is a good choice.

Flea Markets Sell Items in Many Categories

Just about anything you can imagine can be sold at a flea market. There are so many different categories of goods that it can be mind boggling. Handmade items, jewelry, clothing, stuffed animals, coins, collectibles and electronics are some of the items you can expect to find at a market. A lot of the selection and price is dependent on the location of the venue.

You should consider before deciding where to sell if you plan to specialize in one area or sell an assortment of wares. Both strategies have their merits, but most vendors seem to prefer a larger variety. This way the seller does not need to invest too much money in any one category.

Also remember that not all flea markets are alike. Some specialize in one area like antiques. Some are outside and seasonal, while others are year-round and inside. And some may be combined with another type, such as a farmer’s market.

In terms of conducting business there are two main types: long-term and classic. Long-term markets are usually indoors in a permanent structure.  They generally rent spaces for longer periods of time and require merchants to sign a lease. Classic markets are usually sellers of less expensive goods and allow vendors to move easily to different venues.

In suburban Villa Park, a superb place to sell is at 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart . This venue is filled with people looking for the very best deals.  5 Star. The mart is conveniently located right off I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website.

Five Star Indoor Swap Mart Has an Enormous Inventory

Whether you are looking for jewelry, clothing or collectibles, the Chicago area can satisfy your needs. The city and suburbs are loaded with hundreds of retail establishments. For those seeking unique or rare items, flea markets are a wonderful alternative to a local store. Rather than running from place to place all over the city, you can find a variety of goods in one spot. One of the very best places in the area is Five Star Indoor Swap Mart. Not only is the selection wide-ranging but the indoor location provides protection from the elements.

Items in a Wide Range of Categories

The many different types of items sold at Five Star is truly amazing. The products available for purchase encompass over 30 specific categories. Some of the most popular items sought after is clothing. All types of apparel and shoes for women, men and children are in stock. If you need a coat, slacks, casual jeans or a scarf or gloves for winter, you can find it here.

Electronics and jewelry are other hot items that Five Star always has on hand. Many different auto supplies and car stereo parts are also available. This is great for those who are handy and need parts to improve the performance of their car. In addition, items for the home such as blankets, linen supplies and bedding are in stock to keep your house stocked and comfortable. 

 In suburban Villa Park, you can enjoy an entire day at 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart . Shopping there is a paradise for those looking for the very best deals.  The amenities are numerous and there are always games, entertainment and movies to enjoy. So, the next time you are looking for something unique or fun, head out to 5 Star. The mart is conveniently located right off I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website.

Flea Markets are Much More Than Bargain Shopping

When people hear the term flea market, one thought usually comes to mind. That is a large space where many deals and bargains can be made on unique items. While this is very true, the fact is flea markets offer much more than rare items to purchase. Over the course of the last decade, these places have evolved into areas to enjoy food, entertainment and many other events. Even if you have no desire to make a purchase, a flea market is a super venue to enjoy the day.

Many Options for Non-Shoppers

Markets want to attract all customers, not just shoppers. To do this, a wide range of activities are offered to all ages. Movies have quickly become one of the most popular additions to the flea market line-up. A good number of the films are aimed at kids and younger teens.  This is part of the trend of markets becoming a terrific alternative for a unique family outing.

But movies are just one option. Musical groups, magicians and face painters are also frequent flea market visitors. In fact, live entertainment is one of the biggest draws besides great deals at any venue. The music and bustle just add to the ambiance and provides a lift to the spirits.

Many shops also feature seasonal specials like back to school days or holiday themed items. Halloween parties and other games abound this time of year. And as we head closer to the end of the year, take advantage of the holiday fun. No matter how you celebrate, you can be sure there will be something for you.

In suburban Villa Park, you can spend a day at 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart . Shopping here is only the beginning. The amenities are numerous and there are always dozens of games, entertainment and movies to enjoy. The next time you want to get out for a bite to eat or are just looking for a fun family outing, head to 5 Star. The mart is conveniently located right off of I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website.

Shopping at Flea Markets Can Save Time and Money

Many shoppers drive all over the metro area looking for bargains on certain products. While this is one way to find a deal, it can also be time consuming and frustrating. Going all over town is not the most efficient way to spend an afternoon in search of something. In the end, it can wind up costing consumers more due to extra gas usage or cab or bus fare. Fortunately, there are solid options to traveling city wide. A large flea market is a terrific alternative – one place to go to find a variety of items in many categories.

Convenient and Easy to Find

In a large metro area like Chicago, flea markets can be found around almost every corner. Some are outdoors and seasonal, others are indoor and open year-round. But one thing most markets have in common is variety. Most everything under the sun can be found in a larger flea market. Some shoppers are not aware of just how many different wares many carry. Almost any type of clothing, jewelry, electronics, shoes, blankets and candy or snacks are usually in stock at most markets.

Many venues now offer only unused items for sale, ensuring a high-quality product. And despite the fact these are brand new items, most stores are still a terrific place to find a great bargain.

In the Chicago suburb of Villa Park, you can find a true gem, 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart.  Five Star is a unique and fun spot to find deals and enjoy a day out.  It is a place you can spend in the community with your family and friends.  A trip here is more of an adventure than a shopping spree. In addition to browsing, you can enjoy a meal at one of their restaurants, see a movie, or even get a haircut. The mart is conveniently located right off I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website.

Five Star Swap Mart is a Great Place to Bring the Kids!

When most people think of flea markets, a place to go browse and make a purchase or two usually comes to mind. It is not a destination most consider for a family outing. However, in Villa Park there is an indoor market that will change your way of thinking. For something fun and very different, head over to 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart. Both adults and children will have plenty of fun options for an enjoyable day.

Much More Than Shopping

Five Star opened in 2003 and has put a new spin on the flea market concept. They think a visit should be an adventure for the entire family, both young and old. A movie theater just for the kids and a large game room will keep your children entertained for hours. And speaking of entertainment, 5 Star frequently has magicians, clowns, face painters and DJ’s in the market for the younger set to enjoy. There are also 2 barber shops/salons if you need a haircut or styling!

After a long day of shopping or a movie, families can relax and have a delicious bite to eat. The flea market has three restaurants as well as a bar and lounge within the shopping area. And of course, there are hundreds of high quality, rare items in stock to pick from for purchase. Five Star prides itself in offering the best goods at bargain prices. All types of clothing, shoes, electronics, toys, sports collectibles and jewelry are just some of the items on hand.

As you can see, a day at 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart is much more than a shopping trip. It is a place you can spend in the community and enjoy a variety of pleasures.  Five Star wants to make a visit with them a fun family day event. So, the next time you are looking for something new, head to 5 Star. The mart is conveniently located right off I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website.