Are you a vendor of unique or popular goods? Are you considering different ways to put your items up for sale? These days you have many choices. Of course, one option is to offer your product on hundreds of different websites. Social media has completely altered the ways of marketing. But if you prefer face to face contact with the consumer, selling at flea markets is a good choice.

Flea Markets Sell Items in Many Categories

Just about anything you can imagine can be sold at a flea market. There are so many different categories of goods that it can be mind boggling. Handmade items, jewelry, clothing, stuffed animals, coins, collectibles and electronics are some of the items you can expect to find at a market. A lot of the selection and price is dependent on the location of the venue.

You should consider before deciding where to sell if you plan to specialize in one area or sell an assortment of wares. Both strategies have their merits, but most vendors seem to prefer a larger variety. This way the seller does not need to invest too much money in any one category.

Also remember that not all flea markets are alike. Some specialize in one area like antiques. Some are outside and seasonal, while others are year-round and inside. And some may be combined with another type, such as a farmer’s market.

In terms of conducting business there are two main types: long-term and classic. Long-term markets are usually indoors in a permanent structure.  They generally rent spaces for longer periods of time and require merchants to sign a lease. Classic markets are usually sellers of less expensive goods and allow vendors to move easily to different venues.

In suburban Villa Park, a superb place to sell is at 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart . This venue is filled with people looking for the very best deals.  5 Star. The mart is conveniently located right off I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website.