This is the part of the year many people realize their time is severely limited.  The end of the year always means an increased number of errands, appointments and events. One task often put on the back burner is gift shopping. All too often, many of us realize at the last minute that we still must purchase something to give to family or friends. It is so easy to forget about one gift with all the activity. This is when it is nice to know Five Star Swap Mart is your one stop shop for all types of treasures!

Five Star Swap Mart has been serving the Chicago area for many years. The number of shops, wares, unique items and other items is enormous! You can head to the mart in Villa Park, do as much shopping as you like, have a great meal, watch a movie or live show and never have to leave the building. Although Five Star is mainly known as a place to purchase a huge variety of goods, there are always many other exciting events to enjoy.

So Much to Enjoy All in One Place

You can go to the mart and find that perfect gift for anyone. There are over thirty different types of shops inside to find your ideal present. Clothing, jewelry, games, perfumes, auto supplies and sports collectibles are just some of the items you can choose from. After you complete your shopping stick around and enjoy a magic show or even get a haircut. It’s all here at Five Star!

Another important consideration this time of year is the weather. In northern Illinois it is not always comfortable to be outside for long periods. Since Five Star is an indoor facility, you will not have to worry about the cold winds blowing while trying to pick up your treasures. Stay inside, warm up, and enjoy a splendid day with your family and friends.

So remember that in the Chicago suburb of Villa Park, a truly hidden gem to purchase almost anything is at 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart . This venue is always bustling with activity, filled with people looking for the very best deals. It is the ideal place to pick up a present for that hard to shop for person on your list. The mart is conveniently located right off I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website.