When individuals hear the term “flea market” many immediately think of used, cheap and inferior items or goods. While this may be true in certain cases, the vast majority of flea markets offer many solid wares of fine quality. In fact, a savvy shopper can discover a plethora of rare and unique items at terrific prices. An informed consumer will consider these markets an opportunity to find many bargains and treasures at a small cost.

So why do some feel that a flea market is a place to avoid? Part of this may be the thinking that something that it used is of lesser quality. However, most items for sale have been scrutinized thoroughly by merchants and vendors. These people are there to sell their inventory, earn income and grow their business. A dealer certainly does not want to carry low quality items that will be looked at very quickly but never purchased.

Used Goods are Often Still of High Quality

Another factor some people bring up is the fact the goods for sale are mostly pre-owned. Lots of consumers consider these types of items to be “gross” or “icky”. Most of the time this is simply not true.  Just consider some of the purchases we make all the time on used items – cars, clothing, tables and other pieces of furniture. Thrift stores and goodwill associations sell these type of goods on a regular basis. As long as the items have been maintained properly and cleaned, there is no practical reason to eliminate a sale item from consideration.

In the Chicago area, the best place to find rare treasures and enjoy family fun is at Five Star Swap Mart. The mart is open to the public Monday through Friday from 12 Noon until 7 pm, except for Tuesday when Five Star is closed. Weekend hours on both Saturday and Sunday are from 10 am-6 pm. Five Star is conveniently located at 270 W. North Avenue in Villa Park, just 5 minutes West of Route 83 South, off of I-290.