With the end of the year quickly approaching, people will soon be thinking of the holiday season. For many, this is a very busy time with many obligations and places to go. It is also a great opportunity to let go of stress and celebrate with friends and family. In the Chicago area, there are literally hundreds of places to go and events to attend. There is never a lack of ways to commemorate the end of the year.

Try a New Type of Venue for Holiday Parties

Parties are a frequent happening, whether with family, friends or with colleagues. The typical venue for these type of events is a restaurant, someone’s home or even the office. However, if you want another way to soak up the spirit of the holidays, how about trying something different? It is fun to think outside the box and have an enjoyable experience at a different kind of venue. A perfect place to do this is at Five Star Indoor Swap Mart in Villa Park.

Five Star has been open hosting holiday events for years. Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are a regular part of the holiday schedule. They offer fun for the entire family with contests, games, crafts, music and other entertainment. You can also count on festive decorations, delicious food, great bargains and a very cheerful atmosphere. And since Five Star is a swap mart, you can also complete some of your shopping for the season.

Five Star is a unique and exciting place to enjoy a day out any time of the year. This is especially true during the holiday season.  It is a wonderful alternative to the typical holiday settings. Try something a little different this year and spend some time with family and friends at Five Star. The mart is conveniently located right off I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website for a one of a kind holiday experience.