Sifting through goods at a flea market is like no ordinary shopping spree. It can be a very unique and fun experience. Unlike the usual amenities at a large mall, flea markets offer consumers a completely fresh experience. And what really makes the entire excursion more interesting is the atmosphere. It will more than likely not seem like a run of the mill bargain hunt. Instead it will probably end up feeling more like an adventure.

One exciting aspect of going to a flea market is never being quite sure what treasure you might come across. Most sellers at markets will offer a huge variety of wares in every imaginable category.  Rare and seldom seen items are often discovered there. In fact, shoppers find many of their favorite possessions at these bargain paradises. Digging up an unexpected gem is one of life’s true pleasures.

The Chicago area is filled with many wonderfully different places to browse. In suburban Villa Park, 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart is an outstanding establishment to find super deals and have a great time. They first opened their doors in 2003 to the public and have been showcasing a wide selection of items since day one. Among the many products you can expect to find are clothing, auto supplies, electronics, games, shoes, sports collectibles and jewelry. For your convenience they are open every week day except Tuesday from noon until 7 pm and from 10 am to 6 pm on the weekend.  

Much More Than a Shopping Trip

A day at 5 Star Indoor Swap Mart is much more than a shopping trip. It is a place you can spend the entire day with your family, have a bite to eat or even get a haircut. Feel free to relax at the bar/lounge and bring the kids so they may enjoy the game room and theater. The next time you want to search for something or are just looking for a fun family outing, head to 5 Star. The mart is conveniently located right off of I-290, on North Avenue. For more information give them a call today at 630.835.2800 or check out their website.